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Rent one or many of our accessories to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

Sportsman 1000 Generator - 1 unit $50 four days or for a week $80

  • 1,000 peak surge watts / 800 rated running watts
    Run time: 6.3 hours at 50% load
    One 120V AC outlets, One 12V DC outlet
    0.55-gallon fuel tank
    Noise level: 56 db with no load
  • Best used for powering up outlets, recharging batteries

Powerhouse PH3100Ri Generator - 1 unit $130 four days or $185 for a week

  • Remote starter
  • 4.4 gallons of gas for 5.6 hours full load, 13.1 hours quarter load
  • Noise 56 dB zero load, 66 dB full load
  • 120V, 30amp L5-30R, 20amp 5-20R, 25.8 amp max, 25 amp rated
  • 129 pounds
  • Remote electric starter up to 75 feet
  • Best used for powering up air conditioning, outlets, microwave, and recharging batteries

Black Max 3500 to 4500 Generator - 1 unit $95 four days or $125 for a week

  • 4 gallons of gas for 10 hours half load
  • 4 x 120v outlets and 1 x 30amp RV outlet
  • 110 pounds
  • Noise 70 dB full load
  • Best used for powering up air conditioning, outlets, microwave, and recharging batteries

Trailer Hitch and Ball $10 per trip

  • All different sizes and styles of hitches and balls

Equalizer Hitch $25 per trip

  • Helps reduce the rear of your vehicle from being to low to the ground by distributing the weight between the vehicle and the trailer making them on the same linear plane.  Also reduce the trailer from swaying back and forth none as wiping or fishtailing.​    See the advantages of having an equalizer hitch. Click here:

Electric Trailer Brake Controller $15 per trip

  • Controller is hooked into exiting wiring of the vehicle under the front dash within minutes.   Check your owners manual under electric trailer brakes to see if you have socket or wires and what their color codes are.
  • Reduces wear and tear on your vehicle's brakes by having the trailer's electric brakes stop the trailer for you.  A must for large trailers.

Kitchen Kit $55 per trip

  • Tongs, Grater, Serving Spoons, Measuring cups, Measuring spoons, Whisk, Can opener, Peeler, Colander, Silicone Scraper, Paring knives, 3 knife set, Steak knives, Cutting board,  Plastic cups,    Flatware for 8, 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, 4 salad plates, 4 mugs, Dish drainer, Pitcher, Dish Soap,  Mixing bowls, Bin, Dish towels, hot pads, 2 Fry pans, 1 large pot, Sauce pan, Coffee Maker (by request)

Linen Kit $45 per trip

  • 2 Large Plush Blankets, 2 Queen Size Flat Sheets, 2 Queen Fitted Sheets, 4 Standard Pillows,  4 bath towels, 3 hand towels, 3 wash cloths

Solar Light Kit $15 per trip

  • 10 Solar lights with 5 inch ground stakes, Long lasting LED lights, Up to 9 hours of light on a charge of 6 hours, Lights come on automatically at dusk

​Porta Potty  $ 30 per trip

  • ​Average 27 flushes
  • Chemicals and toilet paper included